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Music Video: We The Wild - Trampoline

dora Jul 07, 2014

British electro-pop duo We The Wild have released their brand new music video yesterday. It`s for their new single called 'Trampoline' - taken from the 'Vol 2. - EP'. 

The music videos they make bare high level of artistic creativity and originality. Trampoline is no exception but the result is a much simpler video, focusing only on the dancer and the moves. The song itself, just like their others, is also fitting for summer-time.

Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments!

Music Video: Foster The People - 'Best Friend'

dora May 29, 2014

Foster The People premiered the brand new music video for 'Best Friend' today. Being the huge fan of the band`s first album, I have to admit I`m still due to listen to the entire 'Supermodel' album - out now - but I`m kind of all right with the new songs I`ve heard so far.

This time, what really hits home is the video`s message about the pressure not models alone, but everyday people have about an idealized look simply because the media and those so-called experts of the industry say so. The result is drug use, eating dissorders, and a quite literally alienated body thanks to outrageous plastic surgery. 

See it for yourself!

I like the way the story was brought to life, and I am also somehow reminded of the topic they previously showed us on the 'Houdini' music video.


Can you relate to the message of the video?

Bands To Love This Spring

dora Mar 23, 2014

Sure everyone has songs stuck on repeat from time to time until one gets bored of it. This post is dedicated to the ones I`ve been listening to these past weeks, and hope you will like them just as much as I do.

Royal Blood - 'Little Monster'

A relatively new duo from Brighton, UK is my favourite discovery for 2014 so far. I highly recomment to check them out if you`re in need of fresh sounds in rock music, and love an awesome bass-line as the lead for a change. You also might have catched their performance on this year`s SXSW.

Coldplay - 'Magic'

I wouldn`t call myself a Coldplay fan but sure they`ve got a few songs with each album-cicle that I simply adore. This one is my go-to when I feel like getting lost in the music, relax, and shut the rest of the world out. So, call it the magic of music. 

Verses - 'Making Statues'

Another new band, another new favourite...from Brighton, UK once again. Damn, that town has talented folks! It must be the sea. Anyway, their music is like Kids In Glass Houses met We Are The Ocean prior the break up, and had a kid that is Verses who are about to release their debut album. I`m sold. 

Natives - 'Can`t Say No'

The former Not Advised has been on my radar for quite a time now, but this song off of the long-awaited debut album 'Indoor War', is my most favourite they`ve done - It screams "summer" all over, and not only the chorus is catchy but the verses as well. Bonus points for that strange guitar riff that makes the whole thing stand out. Can we have more those, please? 

Ivan & The Parazol - 'Wish You The Best'

Budapest`s very own rock and roll band is set to conquer the world with UK pub-gigs, having supported Deep Purple, and being returning performers at this year`s SXSW in the US already checked out on their To-do list. Next up is the release of the sophomore album 'Mode Bizarre' in just two days. If you`re into the 60-70`s era of rock music but with a modern sound, then this band is for you. 

For now, that`s it about my music interests for the spring. I can`t wait to discover and fall in love with more so, let me know who are your current favourites in the comments below! 


Music Video Premier: 'Expensive Imitation' by Canterbury

dora Mar 10, 2014

I`m still blown away by the latest album of Canterbury - 'Dark Days' out now - and it`s been pretty much on repeat since its January release. Today, the band premiers the brand new music video for 'Expensive Imitation'. 

The song is the flagship of the entire new record with the anthem-like melodies and lyrics, so certain ammount of action was naturally expected for its video. I imagined a story with an army of individuals led by the band, some real fire, etc...and wolves, maybe. However, the direction of the actual footage is much simpler yet brilliant. It also stays true to Canterbury`s image and lets you focus on the music itself. Well done! 

Tell me what you think of the video in the comments below!



Canterbury Reveals Music Video for 'Think It Over' + UK tour dates

LISTEN: Canterbury`s New Album 'Dark Days' Is Streaming

Kids In Glass Houses Announce Split

dora Feb 26, 2014

One of Britain`s most talented, and underrated band called it a day earlier today. It didn`t came as a surprise. Rumours had been in the air lately, yet it was still somewhat hard to believe the things written in the statement. After 8 years of hard work, 3 EPs, 4 full-length albums, and countless amount of miles on the road, the journey of Kids In Glass Houses is coming to an end this year. 

Along with the break-up, a final tour across the UK was also announced for October. The tour is on sale from today with special bundles available, and it is selling fast. Now is the right time to start saving your pennies if you would like to see the Welsh band one last time. 


I`ll just leave these here (then walk away sobbing, obviously), for your listening pleasure, and to probably fall in love with their music while you`ve still got the chance to catch them live during the upcoming months. The problem with underrated bands` breaking up is they hardly ever reunite. :(

Smart Casual (2008)

Dirt (2010)

In Gold Blood (2011)

Peace (2013)

Dear KIGH, thanks for the good times and see you in October!

Midtown Reunites For Skate and Surf Festival

dora Feb 17, 2014

New Jersey`s Skate And Surf festival just announced the list of the very first names for this year`s events in May. Normally, I wouldn`t care about such line-up announcements because I will never make it, but... they`re bringing Midtown, one of the best punk-rock bands of the early 00`s, back! YAY! Party-time!

My face when I`ve heard the news.

Those of you who aren`t familiar with the band: Midtown was formed in New Jersey in 2000, and soon became kind of a big deal back in the day-so I`ve heard. Cobra Starship`s Gabe Saporta started his music career with this band, before they called it quits in 2005, and everyone ventured on different paths of their lifes. Until now...

See, even Castiel is extremely happy.

Here is some music to get you all pumped up:

This wouldn`t be the first time of Skate and Surf reuniting bands: Fall Out Boy played one of their first reunion shows there last year. Who will be next in 2015? *cough*The Academy Is...*cough* So thank you, S&S for being so gracious to us. 

Are you excited about the Midtown reunion? Who will you be watching at Skate and Surf festival?

Photo Blog - Fragments of a Boudoir

dora Feb 15, 2014

I`ve done a themed photoshoot a little while ago for fun, but just got to the point where I`m showing it to you all because of reasons. The theme is pretty simple: getting ready for a masquerade ball.

Mask: a gift from family from Italy;

Clutch bag: vintage that I saved from my mum`s closet. (Can you believe she wanted to throw this beauty out?!)

Jewellery: something real, something fake, something new, something old, something borrowed, something inherited.

Enough of teasing...I`m going to the Venetian Carnival in Italy next weekend! And I couldn`t be more excited because it`s been on my bucket-list for a long time now. 

Listen To 'Who Would`ve Known' by Morain

dora Jan 27, 2014

Morain is one of the many talented bands coming out of the UK these days, who just premiered a brand new single. 'Who Would`ve Known' is taken from their next EP 'Worlds Apart', and will be released on the 24th February.

The band has been quite under the radar since their first EP was released in 2012, but by the looks of it, they weren`t idle. The new song brings all the good qualities, I got to love so much. There is also a cool video to it as well, produced by Daniel Broadley.

Hopefully we can hear more and more about Morain in the future but here`s 'Who Would`ve Known' to listen to until!


Related: Introducing The Band - Morain

Canterbury Reveals New Music Video + UK Tour Dates

dora Jan 16, 2014

The past days have been rather exciting at the Canterbury HQ with first the streaming, then the official release of their new album, 'Dark Days' - if you've missed out on the stream, it's too bad but believe me it also worths a purchase HERE

To start the day right, the British guys also surprised us with a brand new music video for 'Think It Over', taken from Dark Days, and a small portion of UK tour dates for April. 

Check out the video and dates below!


April 01 - Edinburgh

April 02 - York

April 03 - Manchester

April 04 - Sheffield

April 05 - Birmingham

April 06 - Nottingham

April 07 - Bristol

April 09 - London

Tickets go on sale this Friday, the 17th!


From the looks of it, 2014 is shaping up nicely for Canterbury. I secretly hope they have a few European shows planned as well (Hint: Vienna or Budapest would be really nice).

Are you buying Dark Days or attending one of the shows? 

Best of 2013

dora Dec 31, 2013

I still have a few hours left of 2013, so took the chance of putting together a best of something post. Originally, the idea was a favourite album list but everyone ended up doing that...I`m too hipster to the same post about the same albums, ha! So here is my year in favourite pictures I had taken, and with the best memories...


British snow experience, post Christmas blues, London and all...


My birthday month. That time when I got invaded by the owls of Hogwarts at the HP Studios in Watford. Also got to see All Time Low and Lower Than Atlantis at Shepherd`s Bush Empire. 


Lots of exploring around London. Cannot recall the rest but this photo is my favourite of the month.


One time I stumbled upon this lonely musician playing music in the Thames. 


Slam Dunk Festival with awesome people and awesome music. The month of my big move I was looking forward to - then failed, but that`s a story for another day. And also when this 30 Seconds to Mars situation happened.


The best two weeks of my life so far when living alone on job search in London. Fulfilling the dream of the 13 years old mini-me by seeing Green Day at the Emirates Stadium. Also briefly got to see James Morrisson and Biffy Clyro in front of Tate Modern. Travelled home by bus from London to Vienna.


Mostly enjoying the summer and exploring the woods with Bundas and Colin.


A brief visit for sightseeing in Vienna and to practice my German (miserably failed in that). Wedding time. Fall Out Boy`s first show in Hungary at Strand Festival. So very proud of this picture of Pete.


Unintentionally extended my unemployed holiday and went on long nature walks. 


Boring month and autumn photo shots around the hometown.


Pumpkin everything! Seriously, the whole month was spent in the kitchen. I don`t even have other photos than this one.


New job. Christmas festivities. No Snow. And sadness because Bundas is poorly. It`s so hard to take a photo of her but I love this one.

2013 was planned to be the best and also the first year of my independent adult life. It started out like that. Then unforseen circumstances and trusting the wrong people close to me prevented it so the whole thing is pretty much downhill since the end of June. BUT.

2014 seems to be promising with the possibilities of this new work. AKA I will have money for things that I like doing. Like travelling and concerts, saving up for a DSLR, and also would like to donate some to animal shelters or something like that. That`s it about the "money cannot buy happiness" crap. 

The most important thing I have learnt is that I`m on my own in solving my problems, and cannot trust anyone even if they are so called friends, and offered help themselves. I will stick to this. 

Hope you all are having a great NYE and will have a much better new year than this current one!

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