Into the Wildpic

Into the Wild

I can`t seem to be able to post links. I have posted a few more blogs of my London trip, which you can check out…
dora Nov 29, 2014

Nightcrawler | by the trail

Night shots from my London trip
dora Nov 16, 2014

Possibly Hogwarts | by the trail

When in the United Kingdom, it`s a typical muggle cliché to point out the resemblance in every single old building to Hogwarts` architecture. I`m no…
dora Nov 06, 2014

There`s No Place Like London | by the trail

Finally, I was back in London for a few days last week. I haven`t been there since I moved back to Hungary last summer, so…
dora Nov 04, 2014

Day of the Dead | by the trail

Also known as All Saints` Day, Day of the Dead is the annual tradition of honouring our dead all around the world. However, the way…
dora Nov 02, 2014

Road to Nowhere | by the trail

We did a mere two hour walk around the fields last Sunday and these are the results.
dora Oct 22, 2014

Booty Killed The Pop Star - Alt Scribe

"The trends and stars come and go out of nowhere depending on what the label decides to be “in” at the time. Women’s back sides…
dora Oct 18, 2014

Late Bloomers | by the trail

I went on to record the beauty of our flowers, that were saved by our bunny eating them. The Convolvulus is a late bloomer for…
dora Oct 17, 2014

Yet Another Sunset | by the trail

These shots were supposed to be about the abandoned mansion we have in my village, but we ended up on the meadow instead. Our gloomy…
dora Oct 09, 2014

We`re Up All Night to Get Lucky | by the trail

Thanks to this Sunday`s work schedule, I`ve got to experience the phenomenon that is an all-nighter inventory. A girl can only dream to take stocks…
dora Sep 29, 2014
dora Sep 20, 2014

On The Cornfield | by the trail

Someone planted corn on the fields near to my house. I`ve watched enough horror movies to find this utterly creepy. Waiting for the UFOs to…
dora Sep 11, 2014
Turtle Hangspic

Turtle Hangs

Weather was nice for a change when I had my day off earlier, so I took the turtles for a sunbathing session. Here is Oscar…
dora Aug 31, 2014
Everybodys Changing And I Dont Feel The Samepic

Everybody`s Changing And I Don`t Feel The Same

Photo of Colin from May. He says "Hi!" because it`s been a long time you`ve seen him. I say "Hi", too.  This summer has gone by…
dora Aug 19, 2014

Sziget Festival Fragments | by the trail

Day -1 of Sziget festival in Budapest - 11th August, 2014.I spent a day at Sziget festival this Monday, but I would`ve stayed for the…
dora Aug 13, 2014
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