Super Full Moonpic

Super Full Moon

Blurry shot of the Moon that was both Full and Super (meaing it was the closest to the Earth at some point) last night.  In main…
dora Jul 13, 2014

Music Video: We The Wild - Trampoline

British electro-pop duo We The Wild have released their brand new music video yesterday. It`s for their new single called 'Trampoline' - taken from the…
dora Jul 07, 2014

In Jim Hawkins` Footsteps | by the trail

I'm a huge Treasure Island fan even as being an adult, and it`s the perfect summer-time read in a hammock (if I still had space…
dora Jun 29, 2014

Paint A Picture With The Sunset | by the trail on

Flashback to April when the weather started to get good for sunbathing by the lake and exploring the town. Since I moved back from London…
dora Jun 27, 2014

Bring on the Rain, Bring on the Thunder | by the trail

I absolutely forgot about these shots. These were taken during a hot May afternoon, just before sunset. A storm was in the works, so I…
dora Jun 26, 2014

Road-tripping, Live Music, Countryside | by the trail

Szántód, Hungary - Sunday, 8th June, 2014Bank holiday long weekend happened this past weekend. Friend and I have spontaneously decided to take a train trip…
dora Jun 13, 2014

Visitors of the Garden | by the trail

These two storks stopped by in the garden last week. I crept out to take closer shots and of course Colin had to come with…
dora Jun 11, 2014

Random Budapest | by the trail

The last instalment of photos from Budapest - 14th March, 2014
dora Jun 04, 2014


I was craving for cake yesterday afternoon, so I went to pick strawberries and raspberries from the garden. This little cheesecake is what I`ve made…
dora Jun 04, 2014

Liberty | by the trail

I was really itching to hop on a train on a day off back in March, so I went to Budapest. It was the day…
dora May 31, 2014
Country Lifepic

Country Life

A photo from way back in March. I`ve still got a bunch of photos that needs to be posted - among the photos of my…
dora May 30, 2014

Music Video: Foster The People - 'Best Friend'

Foster The People premiered the brand new music video for 'Best Friend' today. Being the huge fan of the band`s first album, I have to…
dora May 29, 2014

Majális May 1st | by the trail

The 1st of May is national bank holiday in many European countries to celebrate the institution of work with no work - if we really want this…
dora May 25, 2014

Lush | by the trail

This year`s photo folder is filling up nicely. It`s about time to start sharing them more often, otherwise I will never catch up. These are…
dora May 15, 2014


Photo of Colin wanting me to follow him, back in April. Apparently, he doesn`t like having a break and sitting down to chill in the…
dora May 11, 2014


Few weeks ago, friend and I got bored of our town, and somehow cemeteries became the topic. So, we decided to visit the oldest graveyard…
dora Apr 29, 2014
Happy Easter!pic

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone`s having a relaxed Easter Sunday - if you don`t celebrate it, I wish you the same anyway, haha!  I went to church with my…
dora Apr 20, 2014
Wings and Rockspic

Wings and Rocks

Spring is all over in Hungary these days. I took this photo of the butterfly on a sunny walk with Colin, when I took him…
dora Apr 12, 2014


Hi there! I`ve got some new blog over at WordPress is up and running as of this week. You can take a look on it…
dora Apr 06, 2014

Bands To Love This Spring

Sure everyone has songs stuck on repeat from time to time until one gets bored of it. This post is dedicated to the ones I`ve…
dora Mar 23, 2014
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