Wings and Rockspic

Wings and Rocks

Spring is all over in Hungary these days. I took this photo of the butterfly on a sunny walk with Colin, when I took him…
dora Apr 12, 2014


Hi there! I`ve got some new blog over at WordPress is up and running as of this week. You can take a look on it…
dora Apr 06, 2014

Bands To Love This Spring

Sure everyone has songs stuck on repeat from time to time until one gets bored of it. This post is dedicated to the ones I`ve…
dora Mar 23, 2014

Music Video Premier: 'Expensive Imitation' by Canterbury

I`m still blown away by the latest album of Canterbury - 'Dark Days' out now - and it`s been pretty much on repeat since its…
dora Mar 10, 2014
Twilight Skypic

Twilight Sky

Hello, friends! Sorry, I haven`t been around these past weeks. Here is a short update: I had a day-trip to Venice, Italy about 2 weeks ago (photo…
dora Mar 09, 2014

LIVE REVIEW: All Time Low + Blitz Kids @ Arena Wien 27/02/2014 - Alt Scribe

I sometimes write for Alt Scribe, and sometimes travel for concerts. This time, I went to Vienna to see All Tme Low and Blitz Kids…
dora Mar 04, 2014

Kids In Glass Houses Announce Split

One of Britain`s most talented, and underrated band called it a day earlier today. It didn`t came as a surprise. Rumours had been in the…
dora Feb 26, 2014

Midtown Reunites For Skate and Surf Festival

New Jersey`s Skate And Surf festival just announced the list of the very first names for this year`s events in May. Normally, I wouldn`t care about…
dora Feb 17, 2014

Photo Blog - Fragments of a Boudoir

I`ve done a themed photoshoot a little while ago for fun, but just got to the point where I`m showing it to you all because…
dora Feb 15, 2014


A photo from the snow day a few weeks back. We are closer to floods these days - not so serious as the situation in…
dora Feb 12, 2014
Ladybug and Flowerspic

Ladybug and Flowers

While working on a photo project last week, I found this cute tiny ladybug corpse. I have this massive ring, that never fit me, on…
dora Feb 09, 2014


Here is a picture of the Boating-lake in my town, from yesterday. The bridge leads to an island in the middle of the lake. 
dora Jan 31, 2014
Our Days Are Numberedpic

Our Days Are Numbered

Still snowy and cold. I don`t really feel like leaving the house but girl`s gotta work. Few friends of mine are also back in town…
dora Jan 30, 2014

Listen To 'Who Would`ve Known' by Morain

Morain is one of the many talented bands coming out of the UK these days, who just premiered a brand new single. 'Who Would`ve Known' is…
dora Jan 27, 2014


I`m not sure about this winter any more. That peaceful snowfall was nice yesterday, but arctic winds arrived overnight, and everything is just horrible. Today…
dora Jan 25, 2014
Snow Day!pic

Snow Day!

Day off. Sleeping in until late. Seeing the snow as having my first glance out the window. *Hmmm, looks like Lory`s snow delivery has arrived…
dora Jan 24, 2014
Winter Sunpic

Winter Sun

Panni enjoying sunshine in my room. My turtles always seek the sunny places of the house when out of the aquarium. You can see Oscar…
dora Jan 22, 2014

Canterbury Reveals New Music Video + UK Tour Dates

The past days have been rather exciting at the Canterbury HQ with first the streaming, then the official release of their new album, 'Dark Days'…
dora Jan 16, 2014


I swear he`s slightly mental...and likes to chew on my feet while rolling on his back. We guess Colin became a bit crazy when Bundas…
dora Jan 11, 2014


This is is probably my least favourite post I`ve ever done - and the very last photo of Bundas, chewing a piece of wood next…
dora Jan 08, 2014
First Day of New Year, Nothings Changed...pic

First Day of New Year, Nothing`s Changed...

Title is the first line of the song 'New Year' by LAYLA. One of my favourites. Photo is of a star-shaped sparkler I`d found at…
dora Jan 01, 2014

Best of 2013

I still have a few hours left of 2013, so took the chance of putting together a best of something post. Originally, the idea was…
dora Dec 31, 2013
Art of Flyingpic

Art of Flying

After breakfast, I took the dogs for a walk. While hanging around and waiting for them for finish a digging a massive hole, I`ve spotted…
dora Dec 30, 2013

Fall Out Boy Release Part 8 Of The Young Blood Chronicles

An early Christmas present from Fall Out Boy - who definitely made the biggest comeback of the year - with the music video for 'Death…
dora Dec 24, 2013
The Wet Bandits Have Made A Visitpic

The Wet Bandits Have Made A Visit

or perhaps, the Grinch? While decorating the Christmas tree today, this ornament fell off. I thought I should leave it under one window in case of…
dora Dec 24, 2013
Blurry Nightspic

Blurry Nights

After an afternoon shift at work, I usually walk through the town centre to get to the bus station. I took this blurry photo of…
dora Dec 23, 2013
Morning Strollpic

Morning Stroll

A group of deer on food hunt one crispy morning. 
dora Dec 20, 2013
A Bush of Hipspic

A Bush of Hips

I had the last day off before Christmas and spent it well: sleeping in until late and going on a frosty walk with the dogs…
dora Dec 18, 2013
Old Manorpic

Old Manor

The manor at the end of our property with one of its guard dogs and two black horses in the background. I didn`t know there…
dora Dec 16, 2013


Forgot to show you the Advent wreath I`ve made. It`s just an alternative with pine branches, hip, a nut pianted gold and Christmassy decorations put…
dora Dec 14, 2013

Listen to the New Single of Ghost Beach

My favourite pop-duo from New York City never fails to bring summer sensation into my life - not even on grey and stone cold winter…
dora Dec 12, 2013
All Weve Got Is This Firepic

All We`ve Got Is This Fire

After coming home from a morning walk with the dogs, I had to put up the fire in the furnace. I had my camera with…
dora Dec 12, 2013
Crystal Ballpic

Crystal Ball

Frosty grass from last week.  Thank you all for your kind comments on the health of Bundas. It really means a lot :) To answer some of…
dora Dec 08, 2013
Running Wildpic

Running Wild

Sorry for my absence all week but I`ve worked afternoon shifts at this new job and forgot to upload new photos. This one is from…
dora Dec 07, 2013

Music Video For 'Fresh Start Fever' by You Me At Six

You Me At Six premiered the music video for their newest single 'Fresh Start Fever' last night. The song is from their upcoming album Cavalier…
dora Dec 04, 2013
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